Saturday, August 4, 2007

Welcome to my blog^^

Welcome to my blog ^^

I am happy to share my life with you~~~


Amy Lin said...

Hi Sherry,

I am looking forward to see your

blog. Widsh you can find a new house


Jennifer in Australia said...

Hi Sherry,

Let's find some time to go to the Chemsite shopping mall together.


natdhaya said...

G'Day! Sherry,

Glad we're doing the great job in this unit together. I just hope I can pass and learn a lot of things from Debra and you! Have a fantastic day.


kazlivmo said...


You are amazing! First you finished your EAP and then straight onto a MEd. You will be looking forward to a break at the end of the year.


Doris said...

Hi, Sherry
I can hesr your song from last semester.
Sherry, Sherry, Sherry......
This song is only for you.

-Do Do-

Happy Guru said...

Hey Sherry,

Let's definitely pass all our subjects this year!!!! I am sure that you will do very well!!!