Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The reflection of my project

The reflection of project
During the process of test design, I have acquired much knowledge of designing an effective online project for ESL students' language improvements. In particular, using “Hotpotatoes” created several interactive exercises also makes the project more attractive and motivated. With regard to the experience of designing online project for ESL students, I have realized the potential of technology in ESL teaching contexts. For example, using computer for teaching second language may enhance students' motivation and also enhance students' second language ability as well. However, designing an effective and interesting online exercise dose involve several considerations should be taken into account such as students' and teachers' ability of manipulating computers and also students' language proficiency and the availability of high technological equipment.

For designing an appropriate online project for young ESL learners, I used several colorful pictures to attract young students' attention and modify the feedback of students' wrong answers to cheer young students up and prevent their frustration. Additionally, I also used lots of animations for enriching the project in order to make it more interesting and attractive. Furthermore, for young and low proficiency learners, clear instruction can lead them to engage into the activity more easily and successfully. Therefore, I tried to make each instruction clearly in order to facilitate students to engage into the exercise more effectively.

On the other hand, based on the self re-examination and valuable peer feedback provided by my classmates, I think I need to modify some portions of the project to make it better. Firstly, there are two exercises have time allotment in the project and that might make young learners suffering lots of stress and anxiety because under the time pressure. However, the purpose of time allotment is for practicing students' reading speed and word reorganization. For these reasons, I should allocate students sufficient time for them to complete the exercise in order to achieve the main purpose of the exercise and also reduce young learners' pressure and anxiety of doing these exercises. Secondly, I have found some questions in quiz exercise have unclear descriptions therefore, that may result in young ESL students' confusion. Hence, I should modify those questions and make descriptions easier and more understandable so as to facilitate young students to answer those questions successfully. Thirdly, the text of cloze exercise seems too long for young learners; consequently, students may lose their concentrate on the exercise. Therefore, I should separate the text into two parts in order to make the text shorter to maintain students' motivation and interests.

Overall, designing the online project for preparing students to engage into webquest more successfully dose take me lots of time to form the idea and construct the website by using techniques we have learnt. Furthermore, through the process of conducting the project with my classmates; I have found that peer comments did provide me lots of creative thoughts of how to improve my project. That is really useful for me to reinforce my ability to design an online project better in my future teaching contexts. From this valuable experience of online project design, I gained much confidence and knowledge of how to put technology into practice in ESL contexts. Hence, I do believe that these valuable techniques of designing web-based exercises will enrich my future ESL teaching and that also will lead my students to experience newly oriented teaching approach to facilitate them learning second language more successfully.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My website

Wow~~ Finally, I uploaded my website already! Please visit my website and give me some feedback, I would like to hear any valuable comments from you! This web exercise is designed for primary school grade 5 to 6 students. This website is an activity for preparing students to engage into my webquest. In other words, students have to complete this online exercise before doing the webquest. Students can have general idea of butterflies from this website and also reinforce their language abilities for doing website more effectively. Have a look! I hope you can enjoy it! But don’t forget to give me some comments. Thanks ^.^
Here is the link

Lovely weekend!

Last saturday! I went to china town to have lunch with my friends!The restaurant is very nice and not so expensive! The food there are also very very yummy~~We ate lots of beautiful refreshment and drank chinese tea as well!The coincidnet thing is I met chantelle with her husband and family in the same resturant~~Anyway~~It is a nice lunch with my freinds!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Four more weeks to go ~~~

After one week break ~~ four more weeks later we are going to finish this semester already! Time goes quick, right? I can hear lots of classmate are planning go back to their own country soon! I feel happy for them becasue they can meet their family soon! However, I will miss you guys very much! I have the lovely time with all my classmates and I also enjoy my life in Brisbane also. Becasue I have to do the sumner course therefore, I will stay here until January. But I start missing this beautiful and peaceful city now! Anyway, I hope everyone have a wonderful future and no matter where we are ! Keep in touch!

Friday, September 21, 2007

We start our break^.^

YA~~Finally we can have one week break^.^Even though we still have lots of assignments have to doWe also can have some fun during this break!I think many our classmates are going to have fun in Gold coastAlso lots of my friends are going to moreton island~~ That's nice, isn't it?Now I have no idea where I am going to do during this break!However, I think I will enjoy my break as same as the other classmates^.^Wish everyone can have a lovely and safe break!Also wish Debra have a wonderful journal in Canada ^$^ Enjoy~~~~

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The last workshop

Today is the last workshop of technology and second language learning~~
We have learnt lots of new knowlege about what is "Hot Potatos" and the other video assistant software
In particular, the software called "hot potatos" that is amazing! So smart and so convinent for teachers to create activities based on the technology^.^ Even though this is the first time to know this software and we need that for our final project( this is a tough task we are going to do), I reckon we can build up our technological skills and knowlege through manupulating the software. After this tough and exciting techological journal I think our further teaching content will be enriched by technological techniques and knowlege which we have learnt from Debra! I think we all made a right choice to join this class^.^

My new house ^.^

Hello everyone~~
I moved the house recently...
I love my new house ~~ It locates in the middle of cultural centre and west end^. ^
In particular, there is the big balcony of my house!!