Saturday, September 15, 2007

The last workshop

Today is the last workshop of technology and second language learning~~
We have learnt lots of new knowlege about what is "Hot Potatos" and the other video assistant software
In particular, the software called "hot potatos" that is amazing! So smart and so convinent for teachers to create activities based on the technology^.^ Even though this is the first time to know this software and we need that for our final project( this is a tough task we are going to do), I reckon we can build up our technological skills and knowlege through manupulating the software. After this tough and exciting techological journal I think our further teaching content will be enriched by technological techniques and knowlege which we have learnt from Debra! I think we all made a right choice to join this class^.^

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maggie said...

I agree with you. Hot potatos is a very useful tool to design student's exercise. I'm not familiar with this sofeware. If you find any interesting items and shortcuts, please post it on your blog. Is that ok?