Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My first Webquest

Hello everyone~~
Finally, I finished my first webquest and uploaded it already
I have found that creating a webquest is an exciting jounal
Through this journal I understanded how to construct a wequest and how to organize the content as well
Furthermore, we use this wequest to connect students' learning with techonology

That's amazing!
Anyway, I feel great to have this expereince!
Check my webquest,please
I am looking forward to have your comments^.^


Jennifer in Australia said...

Hi Sherry,

Your WebQuest is very lovely and attractive. You make learning becomes a pleasant thing for students. I believe your students will enjoy doing the project. Moreover, thank you for teaching me how to use the Dreamweaver. It's so nice to have you as our classmate.


maggie said...


Excellent! This is such an eye-opened product for me. For sure students enjoy learning from your WebQuest. How do you do that?
You are an IT expert! See you in the final workshop!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,

Congratulations. I think your WebQuest is so fantastic and colorful. Your creation is so brilliant. I'm sure your students would really enjoy doing this wonderful task.


Billo said...

Hi Sherry,
Your webquest is really beautiful. So many wonderful creatures.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,

You are a legend, thank you so much for helping me!!!!

I love your webquest and I think that your students will love it too. Your webquest has a beautiful and exciting feeling to it. I think that this will motivate students to see this task as discovery.

Great job,


Basil said...

Amazing and fascinating webquest well done Sherry.