Thursday, September 6, 2007

Another rainy day

Today is another rainy and cold day>.<

I really want to do my washing today however, the weather is not suitable for me to do that.
However, Australia dose need more rain to deal with watershortage problem!!

I think rainy days are good for all of us, but I really need some sunny day for drying my clothes

Anyway I hope a beautiful sunny day is comming soon!


Basil said...

Me too could not dry my clothes, I thought that I am again in England. Anyway,In my culture we like and admire of rain.Wish you a good day!

Jennifer in Australia said...

Hi Sherry,

We all completed our WebQuest. What a great joy for us. I do learn a lot through the process of creating this webquest. Thank you for giving me support when I tried to upload it. I found you are really good at computer and technology.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the bad weather always make my clothes bad.
Let's hope for all the sunny days.