Friday, September 21, 2007

We start our break^.^

YA~~Finally we can have one week break^.^Even though we still have lots of assignments have to doWe also can have some fun during this break!I think many our classmates are going to have fun in Gold coastAlso lots of my friends are going to moreton island~~ That's nice, isn't it?Now I have no idea where I am going to do during this break!However, I think I will enjoy my break as same as the other classmates^.^Wish everyone can have a lovely and safe break!Also wish Debra have a wonderful journal in Canada ^$^ Enjoy~~~~

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dlh_downunder said...

I hope you have a wonderful break too, Sherry! & thanks for the lovely little "surprise" I found in my mailbox! :-) I will be sure to take it with me to Canada - I'll put it at the side of my desk to remind me of the great students I had in Brisbane!

PS I'm also glad I can now post comments to your blog :))