Monday, October 1, 2007

Four more weeks to go ~~~

After one week break ~~ four more weeks later we are going to finish this semester already! Time goes quick, right? I can hear lots of classmate are planning go back to their own country soon! I feel happy for them becasue they can meet their family soon! However, I will miss you guys very much! I have the lovely time with all my classmates and I also enjoy my life in Brisbane also. Becasue I have to do the sumner course therefore, I will stay here until January. But I start missing this beautiful and peaceful city now! Anyway, I hope everyone have a wonderful future and no matter where we are ! Keep in touch!

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Jennifer in Australia said...

Hi Sherry,

Time really flies. In 4 weeks, we are going to finish this semester. I have the feeling that I am still new in Brisbane. Although I have stayed here for almost 8 months, I found I don't really have much time to enjoy this lovely city. I think I need to spend more time to enjoy myself here before I go back to Taiwan.