Saturday, October 20, 2007

My website

Wow~~ Finally, I uploaded my website already! Please visit my website and give me some feedback, I would like to hear any valuable comments from you! This web exercise is designed for primary school grade 5 to 6 students. This website is an activity for preparing students to engage into my webquest. In other words, students have to complete this online exercise before doing the webquest. Students can have general idea of butterflies from this website and also reinforce their language abilities for doing website more effectively. Have a look! I hope you can enjoy it! But don’t forget to give me some comments. Thanks ^.^
Here is the link


Jennifer in Australia said...

Hi Sherry,

Your website is really eye-catching, and the colors and animations you chose are very pretty. All your exercises are very colorful, too. I believe all your students will enjoy doing these activities, especially the visual learners. I like the feedback you use for the activities when the learners don't get the right answers. Your students are encouraged rahter than discouraged.
Well done!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer~~
Thanks for your comments~ it's very cheerful and motivated!I really appriciate and I am also looking forward to your attractive website! talk to you soon!

Nattythai said...

Hi Sherry,

Wow! Your website is very attractive as I have expected. I really love your design with lots of eye-catching graphics and pictures which can make the HP activities more interesting for young students. The bright colors that you have used also help attract a lot of interests from primary students.

I love your idea that this website would serve as a preparation for students to be ready for engaging in the WebQuest. This can ensure that students’ language abilities are improved before involving in the more challenging tasks in the WebQuest. I found each activity is interesting and fun to do. You also give a clear purpose for teachers and easy-to-follow instructions for students.

I found that it may be a good idea to put time limit into the activities because students can judge their performance by using the time allocated. However, doing activities within the limited time may put young students under a lot of stress. Moreover, I found that the item 6 in General questions about butterfly (Is a butterfly a/an.....?a. mammal..) may make students get confused. It may be changed into a simple statement to make it easy to understand.

Overall, you have shown how much efforts you put into the website. It has achieved its purpose. It is also very effective. Your students would have a lot of fun doing the activities. Well done! Hope you keep on designing a useful website.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nataya~~
Thanks for the comment! That is really useful for me to improve the idea of constructing an online activity! Thanks^.^

jEss's AusSi hOUse said...

I really like your project~~~!
even I am pretty old now I still enjoy your lovely pictures and animations!!Haha~~~

I found another thing. It is a great project for young children. But I feel that girls maybe really like it , and how about boys?

Could you think about some solution of other activity for boys?

Anyway, that is good!
I like it~~~!


Doris said...

HI, Sherry

That is a colorful project and I believe your students will love it. I think the activities you designed are very suitable for your students. according to their age, I think having fun is the most important thing for them. They will have lots of fun here.